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Big Garlic would like to inform you that our website uses cookies to analyse users’ browsing experience.

A cookie is a small file that is stored on the user’s computer/smartphone/tablet when certain website pages are accessed in order to store and recover information about how the user browses using that device.

Big Garlic uses the following cookies, as detailed below, on this website:

- Technical Cookies: these are used to improve the user browsing experience on the website.
Analytics Cookies (for statistical analysis and monitoring of the behaviour of all users) and Advertising Cookies (for the management of advertising spaces based on criterion, such as the frequency with which advertisements are shown): if these cookies are deactivated, the website will be able to continue to function without harming the information gathered by these cookies regarding the use of our website and the success of advertisements shown on it, therefore enabling us to improve our services and obtain income that allows us to offer lots of content for free.

The applications we use to obtain and analyse browsing information are Google Analytics ( and Google AdWords (

These applications were developed by Google, a company which provides us with the analysis service on our website’s audience. This company may use this data to improve its own services and to offer services to other companies. You can find out more about these other uses at the indicated links.

These tools do not obtain information about the names or surnames of users, nor do they obtain the postal address from which users are connecting. The information they obtain is related to the number of page visits, language, social network on which our news stories are published, city that is assigned to the IP address using which users access the website, number of users that visit us, frequency and recurrence of their visits, visit time, browser used, operator or device used to visit the website, etc.

We use this information to improve our page, detect new needs and assess the improvements we need to introduce for the purpose of providing better service to the users that visit us.

In order to allow, find out more, block or delete the cookies stored on your device, you can do so through the settings of the browser installed on your device.

You can find information about how to do this if you use…

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