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Our Product Our Product

We love garlic as its delicious simplicity reflects the best of the Mediterranean diet. The purity of our product and the magic of our cultural traditions combine magnificently to provide us with a natural and healthy option with 100% of its freshness.

At Big Garlic, we offer an uninterrupted supply of a high quality Spanish product.

Our Roots Our Roots

Once upon a time in La Mancha... Our products have their own history and roots.
These roots have grown and strengthened with us over more than 20 years under the influence and dynamism of changes in the climate and market.

Our Packaging Our Packaging

We package all of our products with quality packaging solutions, creating efficient, economic and aesthetically perfect packaging. We worry about both the product and the packaging so we can adapt fully to your needs.

Its unique scent and intense flavour

seasons and enriches a good number of dishes

which is why garlic has become a basic ingredient in the cuisine of many countries and an essential ingredient for a healthy diet

cook your garlic with us cook your garlic with us

the quality of your garlic

our main objective


Garlic bulbs should be free of disease or any other serious deterioration that affects the quality of their appearance, edibility or preservation.


Garlic bulbs should not be soft or have externally visible shoots.


They should have almost no, if any, visible foreign matter (dust, chemical remains or other matter).

Free of infestations

The acceptable limit would be an insect or mite in the package or sample. The garlic must be practically free of damage caused by infestations.


Garlic must be practically free of damage caused by bruising, cutting tools or handling, in addition to damage caused by infestations.

how do we guarantee our success?

We control the product at every stage of the process
We respect and control the cold chain and traceability
We offer a rapid response adapted to the client
We supply garlic all year round
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We personalise the product with your brand and image

The first form of visual communication with our clients happens via packaging. We create packaging ideas for our clients, manufacturing boxes, cases and other kinds of high value packaging without neglecting the functionality of each container. We work with the Big Garlic brand, although we can also personalise the product with your brand and image.

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