• Passion for our job
    Passion for our job
  • Team
    Team of dedicated staff
  • Painstaking
    Painstaking selection of the product
  • Control
    Exhaustive quality control
  • We distribute
    We distribute across the world

From the very beginning

offering our clients an unbeatable product of excellent quality


What is Business International Garlic, S.L.?

It is a company specialised in the production, handling and international commercialisation of garlic.


How do we work?

We offer our clients excellent quality, a competitive and reasonable price, timely delivery, and a continuous supply on the five continents.

In terms of hygiene, food safety and wastemanagement, we guarantee the fulfilment of legislation as we have Quality Certificates from IFS Food, BRC, Global G.A.P., IGP Ajo Morado de Las Pedroñeras, Kosher, Sedex and the Certificate of Ecological Compliance.

In general, we work with our brand, BIG GARLIC, although we personalise our products for some clients with their brand and image, adapting to the size, preferences and characteristics of each of them.


About Us:

The company was founded in 2004 thanks to the eagerness and excitement of a small team from a business environment, with training and experience in a range of areas, but united by their passion for the fruit and vegetable sector, especially garlic.

We understood the sector and knew the corporate world inside out, and we saw an opportunity and took it. Then came the financial crisis…. We decided to make a stand and overcome it, making the most of the opportunities it offered us. Twelve years later, we can say we have grown a lot: we have developed into a group of businesses, (the Big Garlic Group), and we have gained a huge amount of experience. Quality Experience.

The effort made has been incredible, but we are proud of our current position and, in particular, of what we have achieved.

There is still much for us to achieve and enjoy with the same passion for our job we have shown up to now and alongside all of the clients who have trusted in us, day after day, and who we hope continue to do so.

Thank you for growing with us!

Big Garlic

       BIG YOU





Guaranteeing the quality of our products is our main concern.


We have more than 20 years' experience in the sector.


We adapt with flexibility to the circumstances and changes of the market.


Doing things well from beginning to end is essential for us.


We establish sincere and clear relationships with our clients and providers.


Excellent work is our raison d'être and we strive for this every day.


We are firmly committed to food safety at all times.